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At Air Wing Token, we are building a community of innovators, pioneers, out-of-the-box thinkers, and risk-takers to disrupt the aviation industry and create a fully decentralized network. Air Wing Token is available in every country with no limits. We are a 100% peer-to-peer platform that promotes the idea of no middle man. Each user will deal directly with other users.

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Buy, sell, and trade aircraft & aircraft parts
Find local flights, pilots, passengers, and flight schools
Learn about aviation, crypto, DEFI, and WEB3
Earn passive income through staking & rewards

What Is Air Wing Token (AWT) ?

The Air Wing Token (AWT) is our USDT (United Standard Digital Token), which shares the same qualities as $USDT. AWT facilitates the functioning of the Air Wing ecosystem. AWT holders will have governance over members’ proposals and all future endeavors.

AWT can be transferred and received by selecting a user’s callsign. You can also visit the Binance Smart Chain explorer ( and be able to verify every transaction, number of holders, circulation supply, transaction amount, and much more. Everything our team does is 100% transparent.